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TMJThe temporomandibular joint is also known as the TMJ. It is a complex joint that slides and hinges to allow your jaw to open, close and move freely for clear speech and comfortable chewing. When something goes wrong with this joint, you may have pain or decreased function in the area. Your jaw may even get stuck or locked in an open or closed position. Our Thousand Oaks TMJ treatment expert offers treatments to ease your symptoms and restore the full range of motion to your jaw.

At your appointment, our expert in TMJ in Thousand Oaks will examine your jaw joint and your bite. We may suggest dental X-rays or other imaging tests to identify damage or inflammation. Unfortunately, the exact cause of TMJ is not always clear. Some patients have bruxism or a bad bite, which puts excessive pressure on the joint. Others may have arthritis or a history of jaw injury. We will work with you to identify any contributing factors or underlying causes whenever possible so that we can reduce the risk of future problems.

TMJ Thousand Oaks

Our Thousand Oaks treatment expert offers several treatment options. These can include:

1. Lifestyle changes
Eating smaller bites or a soft diet, not opening your mouth wide to yawn or bite, not chewing gum and other small changes to your lifestyle can have big improvements for your jaw joint by allowing it to rest and heal.

2. Medications
These may include anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers, antidepressants, sedatives and muscle relaxants. A mouth guard may also be prescribed to help combat bruxism, or teeth grinding.

3. Non-pharmaceutical therapies
Counseling can help you better manage stress, which can cause clenching or grinding and aggravate symptoms of TMJ. Physical therapy, including exercises, compresses and ultrasound, can soothe sore muscles and strengthen the area.

4. Other treatments
Surgery and other treatments may be needed if conservative care does not offer the relief you need. These can include injections, arthrocentesis or surgery.

If you have symptoms of TMJ, the right treatment can help. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in TMJ in Thousand Oaks